We are a private not-for-profit organization established in 1984 in the city of Arequipa as the result of an initiative taken by the Peruvian Government through an agreement between FOPEX (Fund for the Promotion of Non-traditional Exports) and the Arequipa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The founding members were firms engaged in processing and marketing alpaca fiber. The IAA came into being to promote and protect the image of alpaca fiber and products made with it through the dissemination and correct use of our renowned collective symbol - the ALPACA MARK.

The IAA seeks to position alpaca fiber in the world textile market, achieving its recognition as one of the world’s FINEST FIBERS, with a LONG HISTORY and SUPERLATIVE PROPERTIES. The aim is to promote a more stable demand for the product, sustainable growth, and benefits for all the links in the value chain (such as breeders, industrialists, garment-makers, traders, and designers).


Our commitments

Commitment to consumers:

To offer consumers textile products of extraordinary quality that bear witness to a fascinating story
that starts in the Andes and is presented to the world with the innovation, design, standards
and characteristics the consumer requires.

Commitment to our members:

To provide members with the institutional backing of a business association that publicizes, promotes, guarantees and safeguards the quality and beneficial characteristics of alpaca fiber through the stewardship of the collective symbol, the ALPACA MARK, the deployment of communications strategies, and the promotion of alpaca at worldwide level .

Commitment to the alpaca value chain throughout the world.

To reinforce the competitiveness of the alpaca value chain, ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability. To do this, we seek profitability in each one of the links in this chain; ethical and responsible practices on the part of the producers, industrial processors, garment makers, traders and craftspeople; and environmental awareness and respect for the Andean ecosystem and the Earth.