The Alpaca Mark

The ALPACA MARK guarantees the content and quality of the alpaca fiber used in the different products that bear the ALPACA MARK. It is thus a commitment to excellence on the part of all those who belong to the IAA to protect businesses and consumers.

Being the oldest collective symbol in the sector, the ALPACA MARK is well placed nationally and worldwide. It is registered in 30 different countries including European Union members and others which comprise the world’s principal textile markets - such as Italy, Japan, Peru, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.



The collective symbol ALPACA ORIGIN MARK is used to distinguish only those textile products, or products destined for the textile industry, which contain 100% ALPACA FIBER.

Depending on the quality of the fiber, the label could be:
  • GOLD: for 100% baby alpaca or finer qualities. Average fiber diameter is guaranteed to be no greater than 23 microns.
  • SILVER: for 100% alpaca of coarser grades than baby alpaca With a guaranteed average fiber diameter no greater than 26.5 microns.


The ALPACA BLEND MARK collective symbol is used to distinguish blends containing a minimum of 30% alpaca fiber of any grade with other natural or synthetic fibers. The manufacturer has an obligation to state the percentage proportions of the blend.

Differentiation tag:
  • Black and white: minimum 30% alpaca of any grade.

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