21 July, 2023

National Alpaca Day 2023

The International Alpaca Association (AIA), commissioned by the Technological Institute of Production (ITP) […]
20 May, 2023

Natural Fibre Connect 2023

The International Alpaca Association will again be part of the “NATURAL FIBRE CONNECT", a world meeting of fibers of animal origin, unique in its kind. On this occasion, the second edition of the NFC will be held in hybrid mode (Face-to-face and Online) on September 28 and 29, 2023 in the city of Biella, Italy. In order to address issues related to the textile industries of animal fiber.
6 August, 2022

Natural Fibre Connect

The International Alpaca Association-IAA in partnership with Mohair South Africa (Mohair), The Schneider Group / Wool Connect (Wool) and The Sustainable Fibre Alliance, SFA (Cashmere) will hold Natural Fibre Connect (NFC), an international conference aimed to build consensus across the four industries, identify solutions to common challenges, and highlight the grower’s perspective. NFC will be held from September 7 to 9, 2022, in virtual format.
27 June, 2022

Is the Alpaca and Vicuña Industrial Process Sustainable?

Mike Safley, Quecha Benefit’s Founder, examines the sustainability of alpaca and vicuna fiber production and discovers camelid fiber is the most environmentally friendly example of sustainable textile manufacturing.
24 October, 2021

Alpaca Fiesta 2021

The International Alpaca Association in partnership with PROMPERÚ-MINCETUR, will carry out “ALPACA FIESTA & Perú Moda Deco 2021" […]
29 April, 2020

The Declaration of the Peruvian Alpaca Mark

Sets out the strategic importance of the protection and promotion of the alpaca […]
29 April, 2020

Intelligent design with sustainable fiber

We have an animal that generates a minimal environmental footprint while yielding fiber […]
29 April, 2020

Technological advances in the alpaca-industry production chain