alpaca suriThe Suri breed has a smaller population that around 15% of the national total, however, is the animal most striking domestic camelids by her look and beauty. Its main habitat is the wet highlands.

Among its zootechnicals features, we can quote: its rectilinear shape, the body covered with fibers perpendicular curls hanging on the body, well proportioned head with medium ears and straight, big eyes and a “tuft” of fibers that cover the face, nostrils wide and pigmented mouth highly motile and pigmented lips, the body lines and angular, with strong limbs covered with fiber to the reeds, has good conformation, denoting a smooth and slim silhouette. Presents white and colored fleeces that ranging from light cream to black.

Suri fleece exhibits greater fineness and uniformity of luster, due to its scales are better arranged. No curly coat, but rather undulations, their growth rate is higher and it exhibits better fat content than the Huacaya fiber. nike air max damen nike air max damen