It is the breed with most widespread in the country, representing 85% of all alpacas, zootechnical characteristics being as follows:

It is a well-developed animal body, head relatively small, triangular shaped ears, nostrils wide and pigmented lips highly motile mouth also pigmented, with well trained and forelock clean face, neck long and strong. The acceptable size is 80 cm. to the cross, the fleece must cover the entire body including the extremities to the reeds, the top line of the animal is slightly convex, which continues to tail, with strong legs and good poise, which together gives a harmonious appearance general .

The fleece is fluffier and exhibit their finest fibers in a degree of curling in most of its length, is sheared once a year with an average fleece weight of between 5-10 lbs. Overcome the 26.5 micron have a high fiber content core, giving greater stiffness in the fibers limiting its use. nike air max schwarz nike air max schwarz