The camelids Habitat consists of Puna ecological formations, and the highlands that are distributed from northern Peru to northern Argentina, including the Andean areas of Bolivia and Chile, having as general characteristics of be wetter north where it continues to the Paramo, and drier in the South.

The altitude of the highlands oscillates between 3,800 and 4,500 masl with an average temperature of 6 oC to 8oC and 400 and 700 mm. annual precipitation.

For the case of Guanaco, plus previous formations can be considered as own habitat, the lower areas as stage desert scrub, coastal hills and the formation Chaco of Paraguay.

In general, the camel can live from sea level to over 5,000 m. altitude. The Alpaca can live around the wetlands, the Vicuña instead prefers the high plains and the Flame inhabits all levels preferring dry places.

The dominant vegetation in the highlands case consists mainly of grasses, interspersed with small bearing species, compound and sparse forests of Polylepis, Buddleia and Puya. cgparka cgparka