The Partnership can integrate all individuals and businesses, domestic and foreign related production, processing and marketing of alpaca, llama, South American camelids.

Members of the Association shall be:

Ordinary User:

– Associate Degree

Is one company applying for registration as a member and licensed user of the brand. The associate degree can be:

  • Industrial
  • Breeder
  • Professional

Extraordinary User:

– Graduate

Are the companies claiming the license to use the trademark and licensing period is 01 years.

This category includes:

  • Industrial with sales over $ 500,000
  • SMEs with sales less than $ 500,000
  • Breeders with shops (marketing)
  • Catalog sales (marketing)
  • Large branch stores
– Bachelor Promo:

Is granted to stores marketers of excellent quality and reputation to support and increase the promotion of Marca, the fiber and products of Alpaca in the country or locality where the AIA deems. The AIA grants this license without payment and may be renewed each year.

– Special Degree:

They accreditations and / or certifications granted by the AIA through final product labels in a given production lot. Special licenses are not entitled to use the mark on stationery and publications. Special Licenses may apply no more than three times


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