The International Alpaca Association (AIA in spanish) is a nonprofit organization. It was founded in the city of Arequipa on February 26, 1984, as an idea of the main Peruvian industries, the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and previously called FOPEX

The AIA was founded in order to protect the image of the alpaca fiber and its derivatives, as well as the promotion of international consumption and ensure the quality of their products, which is the interest of all institutions and companies worldwide have an interest in trading, processing and manufacturing of the alpaca fiber.

This was the starting point for the creation of the AIA, which operates its headquarters in the city of Arequipa (Peru), world capital of collection and primary processing of this product. This institution also has branches in the city of Biella in Italy and in the city of Nagoya in Japan. These two subsidiaries are primarily a meeting or serve as a distribution channel. Both subsidiaries are managed directly by the President and Vice President of the Institution.

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