As in the case of the Wool Company, the Association of the Cashmere and Mohair Association that have brands that guarantee products made with wool, cahsmere, and mohair respectively, the International Alpaca Association, has the Alpaca Brand, Brand which has international recognition which has established itself as the only brand that guarantees the quality of products made with alpaca fiber.

As an example, one can cite the case of Japan whose clients of our partner companies, require that products bearing the mark acquired Alpaca. The use of the mark is subject to the use regulations developed according to the demands of the global market and international quality standards.

The Alpaca brand is owned by the AIA, and consists of the following designs:

Brand Collective ALPACA ORIGIN MARK SINCE 1984

It consists of the stylized figure of alpaca formed by black lines. The fiber content is 100% Alpaca in any of its qualities. They leave open the option to include licensed gold background for the quality of 100% Baby Alpaca.

Download:Regulation collective mark. Alpaca Origin Mark

Brand Collective ALPACA BLEND MARK SINCE 1984

It consists in the stylized figure of alpaca thick black lines composed. The fiber content is at least 30% Alpaca fiber in any of its qualities. The AIA gives license its brand to all those companies and breeders who meet standards of quality standards established by the institution.

The use of the quality mark “Alpaca” is governed by specific regulations to that effect adopted the Association and reflects the consensus of the assemblers, primary processors, industrialists and businessmen linked to the alpaca over 08 countries. The Alpaca quality mark is already registered in the European Community countries: Spain, France, Italy, UK, and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Slovenia. Also in the U.S., Canada, Japan, China (pending), Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

Download: Regulation collective mark. Alpaca Blend Mark

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